Gaming as an Adult

Gaming as an adult is much different than as a teenager.

So About That Square Enix Conference

Square Enix just kind of had the worst E3 conference in some time. Yeah, the games that they displayed have some degree intrigue to them, however, most of them were revealed already from other conferences. Just Cause 4 is the most exciting of the game of the bunch that was previewed. However, everything else was very Japanese…


THIS RANDOM GAME HAS FOX WELL OKAY. EXCITED!? I’m still not. Here’s a trailer though:

Skull and Bones Gameplay Revealed

New pirate game Skull and Bones gameplay was revealed as it was announced last year. The E3 Cinematic Trailer: Gameplay Trailer: Skull and Bones is slated to release 2019.

Trials Rising Announced

A new Trials game has been announced. There is a closed beta coming. Update: The release date for Trials Rising is slated for February 2019. Excited?